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American Legion Post 56 Monthly Bulletin

January 2015


Commander's Message



2014 is now done and 2015 begins. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  This January we have several things booked for the event center. February 27th and 28th we will be holding a flea market and craft sale fundraiser along with the Albert Lea H. O. G. chapter to raise money for the Nation of Patriots motorcycle tour that raises money to help out our wounded warriors. Same rules and cost as last year - $25.00 donation per table.  If you are interested in a table let me or Dave Olson know. We will be sending out this info to the vendors who participated in the prior years. The tables will be assigned on a first come basis. We are hoping to sell out all the tables again this year as the funds raised go to a good cause.


A couple things have been suggested by members that would save the Legion some money. If you’d like to give an opinion on these you can send me a letter at  214 South Pearl Street,  Albert Lea, MN 56007 or e-mail me at or call at 507-373-6694. 


1. Our newsletter costs around $500.00 a month and it has been suggested that we could drop it or publish it quarterly or semi- annually instead of monthly. We do receive money from advertising to pay for most of this cost.


2. We have an assessment of $30,000.00 for the streetscape project which the Legion could do nothing about. It has been suggested to have another fund drive to pay this off.


One other comment, I have been signing the newsletter “Semper Fi” which means “always faithful”. It has been suggested that this is not appropriate and is disrespectful to the other branches of service.


I wish everyone a Happy New Year


Semper fi

John Severtson, Commander 


Auxiliary News


Greetings from the Auxiliary:

Happy New Year!

Thanks to all who came to our breakfast fundraiser. It was a huge success.

We delivered, along with the Post and SAL, poinsettias to our homebound and nursing home members. A Big Thank You to those who took the time to do this.

Education Week apples and Thank You posters were delivered to all local schools, teachers and administrators.

January is National Security & Legislation Month. Martin Luther King Day is January 19th.

There will be a dues notice sent by National to members who have not paid 2015 dues. Please pay as soon as you can. Thank you.

Our next meeting will be April 1, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. A memorial service will be held. Put this date on your calendar and join us.

God Bless,

Bonnie Schneider


Auxiliary President



Club Notes


Guess what, 2015 is here and upon us.


Hope everybody had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE, and looking forward to the NEW YEAR.


The Club was very busy with parties and meetings in December.  Its great to see all the people having fun and being with friends.


We appreciate your patience when we are serving private parties, special meetings, basket nights for various groups having fundraisers (mostly youth groups and other non-profit groups).


Your patronage of the Club helps keep the AMERICAN LEGION POST #56 alive.  Its our goal to let people know that we are here to stay, supporting our VETERANS who have served to preserve our FREEDOMS we enjoy today.


On Saturday December 13, 2014 we held our Children’s Christmas Party.  It was very well attended, lots of smiles and good times were had by the children and adults too.  The party was hosted by the Legion and sponsored by the DAV, VFW, and the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon of Albert Lea.


Remember this is your Post and Club.  Come and enjoy your Club and support the Legion and your Fellow Veterans.


Your Club Manager


Bob Mickelsen


The Legion is working with the D.A.V. for getting the medical equipment to Veterans.  They now have the walkers, wheelchairs and other medical
equipment available at their location.  The D.A.V. number and contact person is Larry Weigel 507-318-0199


The Legion Post 56 will always except and appreciate any donation someone would like to make to the DAM account, Honor Guard or the I.R.S. account.


UPComing Events



               9 - 11.30am TOM & JERRY’S

               9am CLUB OPENS

               12 noon BEAN BAG TOURNAMENT

               1pm ARLYN and BUTCH IN THE BAR





                 7pm BOARD MEETING

                 7pm V.F.W. MEETING

                 7pm V.F.W. AUXILIARY MEETING

JAN.  15 - 5 - 7pm FISH FRY

JAN.  17 - 12:30 HUCKLY BUCK








EVERY TUESDAY – 5:00 - 8:00 pm 







Attention Legion Bowlers


Post 56 will be hosting the 1st District American Legion Bowling Tournament this winter.  The dates are February 21 & 22 and February 28 & March 1.  Entry forms are available at the Legion Club or from Gary Anderson.


The Minnesota State Bowling Tournament will be held at the Brunswick Zone X L, Brooklyn Park, MN.  Hosted by Osseo/Maple Grove American Legion Post 172 .


Both tournaments are open to Post, Auxiliary & S.A.L. members.


Hope to have a large number at both events.  Post 56 will be hosting the State Tournament again in 2016.



Post 56 Monthly Donations


D.A.M. Donations


Allan/Deb Brown

Mem of Esther Quam

Gordon Ramsey


Dave/Sandy Mullenbach

Mem of Roy Cooper

Tom/Sandy Norby

Mem of Ed Staloch

Don/Elaine Ehrich


James Hanson


Beulah Wiegand


Marjory Hamersly

Mem of husband Winston Hamersly

Richard/Sandra Murray

Mem of Winston Hamersly

Dave/Sue Olson

Mem of Vernon Baer

Larry/Shirley Pearson

Mem of Walter Karsjens

Jim/Linda Gries


Ron/Betty Mathews

Mem of Louise Cords

Ron/Betty Mathews

Mem of Sue Troutner

Ron/Betty Mathews

Mem of Clint Nelson


Honor Guard Donations


Albert/Sue Allen

Mem of Ethmer Wright

Albert/Sue Allen

Mem of Ray Troska

Marlowe Wangen

Mem of Dennis Stoa


Mem of Evelyn Wakefield

Family of Clint Nelson

Mem of Clint Nelson

Allan/Deb Brown

Mem of Clint Nelson

Bob/Betty Guenther

Mem of Clint Nelson

Glenn/Leann Juveland

Mem of Clint Nelson

T.J. Davis


J.A./Wanda Dorman

Mem of Winston Hamersly

Ed/Angie Nelson

Mem of Winston Hamersly

Cathi Luett

Mem of Winston Hamersly


I.R.S. Donations


  Herb Mehus   Donation
  Milo/Ardis Madson   Donation

Thank you to everyone for the generous donations given this past year to the D.A.M. and Honor Guard funds.  May you all have a wonderful Holiday season.


Judi Olson

Post 56



Consider supporting Leo Carey American Legion Post 56 with a contribution to the Dollar-A-Month (D.A.M.) fund.  Whether it’s a dollar a month, or a larger donation, these funds are used to support the Post 56 club facilities, maintenance & continued growth of our organization.

If you would like to make a donation to the Post 56 D.A.M. fund, please complete the form in this newsletter and return it to Leo Carey American Legion Post 56.  You can recognize someone special by naming that person in their memory or honor.  Your contribution will be listed in the Post’s monthly flyer and on the website.

Judi Olson, D.A.M. Account Manager


To make a donation, click on the link to our D.A.M. Fund Account Page.


Please thank and support those businesses and organizations which sponsor ads in the monthly Post 56 bulletin flyer:


Auto Serve - Rick Loberg Craig Loehr-Dave Syverson Ford Graceland Cemetery

Jim & Dudes Plumbing & Heating


Dr. Christopher N. Shoff Chiropractor

MPeters Enterprises


Church Offset Printing Security Bank Minnesota Sons of the American Legion Market Place
Bob's Buttons & Farm Toys Hillcrest Cemetery Doors & Floors Motor Inn Co. City of Albert Lea Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Program
Post 447 VFW & Auxiliary

Bayview Freeborn Funeral


American Legion Post 56 Auxiliary Nick's Inc.- Todd & Cheryl Enderson Bauer Built

Post 447 VFW and Auxiliary meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month at the American Legion Post 56 Clubrooms @ 7:00pm. Come and join VFW Post 447. 


Veterans helping Veterans.


Note:  Content from this page is edited from American Legion Post 56 monthly newsletter bulletin.

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January 2015

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    Happy New Year 2015

Tom & Jerry's

9-11:30 am

12 pm Bean Bean Tourney

1 pm Arlen & Butch

in the lounge

Karaoke with Laurie

starting at 8 pm

Evening menu with

Specials 5-8 pm

11 am Lounge Open


4 5 6 7 8 9 10

7 pm

Free Texas Hold-em

5-7 pm Taco Bar

Evening Menu 5-8 pm

Burger Night

with nightly menu

5-8 pm


Women Veterans


11:30 am

Bar Bingo 6 pm

Evening Menu 5-8 pm

5 pm Pizza & Beer Special $15

Karaoke with Laurie

starting at 8 pm

Evening menu with

Specials 5-8 pm

11 am Lounge Open

11  12 13 14 15 16 17

8 am -12:30 pm

Post Breakfast


Legion Board

Meeting 7 pm

Free Texas Hold-em

5-7 pm Taco Bar

Evening Menu 5-8 pm


Burger Night

with nightly menu

5-8 pm

Bar Bingo 6 pm

Evening Menu 5-8 pm

5 pm Pizza & Beer Special $15

Fish Fry 5-7 pm

Karaoke with Laurie

starting at 8 pm

Evening menu with

Specials 5-8 pm

11 am Lounge Open

12 pm Huckley Buck

18  19 20 21 22 23 24

Martin Luther King Day

Post Meeting 7 pm

Free Texas Hold-em

5-7 pm Taco Bar

Evening Menu 5-8 pm

Burger Night

with nightly menu

5-8 pm

Bar Bingo 6 pm

Evening Menu 5-8 pm



5 pm Pizza & Beer Special $15

Karaoke with Laurie

starting at 8 pm

5 pm

Evening menu with

Specials 5-8 pm

11 am Lounge Open



26 27 28 29 30 31

 8 am -12:30 pm

Post Breakfast

 Free Texas Hold-em

5-7 pm Taco Bar

Evening Menu 5-8 pm


 Burger Night

with nightly menu

5-8 pm

Bar Bingo 6 pm

Evening Menu 5-8 pm

5 pm Pizza & Beer Special $15


   Karaoke with Laurie

starting at 8 pm

5 pm

Evening menu with

Specials 5-8 pm

  11 am Lounge Open


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