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American Legion Post 56 Monthly Bulletin

October 2014


Commander's Message



October is working up to be a busy month.  The club will be trying a couple new events:

1. Bean Bag competition games on Thursdays when there is no Fish Fry Thursday scheduled.

2. Texas Hold “em” Tournaments one Friday a month.

3. We will be having our free Membership Dinner on 10 October from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  This will be for the Legion and Auxiliary members who have their dues paid up to date.

4. Bob will start his Saturday Huckley Buck tournaments on 18 October.

We’re doing Sunday Football now but we need to do something else to help bring people in.  If anyone has a good idea please tell Bob.   Our Event Center has been really busy.  This is good for us financially.  If you know anyone or company or organization looking for a place to rent for an event please let  them know about us. We’re beginning to book events into next year now.

I’m working to get a face book page set up for us currently.  I hope to have it up and running by the end of this month.  It looks like we’ll be continuing to look for volunteers and asking for donations to help continue to keep our post going.  That being said, I wish to “Thank You” in advance for your continued support.

Semper Fi
John Severtson

Auxiliary News


Greetings from the Auxiliary,

Our fundraiser breakfast on August 31st was a success, thank you to all workers (Auxiliary and Post) and also to those who supported us.  Our next one will be held on November 30th.

We collected $600 worth of school supplies.  Karen Cibert delivered them to Brookside and they were distributed throughout the school system.  Her next project is “Healthy Snacks” for kids.  There is a box at the club.  Items can be brought until November 15th.  Thank you!!!  Please continue to save pop tabs, milk moolah, soup labels and education box tops.

National Security Chair, Betty Anderson, would like you to save coupons to send overseas to our troops.  They can also be brought to the club.

Dues notices should have been sent, please send to 17885 710th Avenue as soon as you can.  Thanks!!
The V.A. Hospital is in need of 45” x 60” lap robes and neck pillows.

Recommendations from the board were approved as follows:  V.A. Gift Shop $300, Operation Military Kids $50, $5 Bill Shower $300, Forgotten Kids $50.  Also $200 for Carol Smith to buy neck pillows for the V.A. Hospital.

Fall Conference will be October 24-25, 2014 at Shooting Star Hotel/Casino in Mahnomen.

On October 10, 2014 there will be a free membership supper for those who have paid their 2015 dues of $24.00.

There will be a leadership training on November 1st from 9-2 at the club put on by Department.  Officers and Committee Chairs should plan to attend.  Please call me at 373-3767 with your R.S.V.P.

Our next meeting will be November 5, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the club dining room.  The Board meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m.

God Bless,
Bonnie Schneider
Auxiliary President



UPComing Events

Oct. 1 -    Women Vets Meeting  11:30 am
Oct. 9,23,30 - bean bag league
Oct. 10 -    Membership Dinner 5-7:30 pm
Oct. 12 -    Post I.R.S. Breakfast
Oct. 13 -    4pm House Committee Meeting
    7pm board meeting
    7pm V.F.W. Meeting
    7pm V.F.W. Aux. Meeting
Oct. 16 -    fish fry 4:30-7pm
Oct. 17 -    Texas Holdem
Oct. 18 -    Huckley Buck
Oct. 20 -    Post Breakfast
Oct. 31 -    Halloween Party


Sundays the lounge will open at 11:30  when the Viking are playing


EVERY TUESDAY – 5:00 - 8:00 pm



The Legion’s Facebook page is up and running.  Please go to Albert Lea American Legion Post 56 to get to our page.  Also please invite people to like our page and share it with others.

The Legion Post 56 will always except and appreciate any donation
someone would like to give to the D.A.M. Account, Honor Guard, or
something else you'd also like to see done.


Post 56 Monthly Donations


D.A.M. Donations


Family of Donald Koch Mem of Donald Koch

Margie Murtaugh

Mem of James Murtaugh

Ray/Marilyn Hardies

Mem of Don Turnbull

Dave/Sandy Mullenbach

Mem of Don Johnson

Dave/Sandy Mullenbach

Mem of Robert P. Anderson

Larry/Shirley Pearson

Mem of Ed Brandt

Fern Urbatsch

Mem of Dan Schoeneman


Honor Guard Donations


Red Hats Society


Anne Troska

Mem of Ray Troska

Robert “Cobb”/Margaret Knutson

Mem of Bruce Emerson



Consider supporting Leo Carey American Legion Post 56 with a contribution to the Dollar-A-Month (D.A.M.) fund.  Whether it’s a dollar a month, or a larger donation, these funds are used to support the Post 56 club facilities, maintenance & continued growth of our organization.

If you would like to make a donation to the Post 56 D.A.M. fund, please complete the form in this newsletter and return it to Leo Carey American Legion Post 56.  You can recognize someone special by naming that person in their memory or honor.  Your contribution will be listed in the Post’s monthly flyer and on the website.

Judi Olson, D.A.M. Account Manager


To make a donation, click on the link to our D.A.M. Fund Account Page.


Please thank and support those businesses and organizations which sponsor ads in the monthly Post 56 bulletin flyer:


Auto Serve - Rick Loberg Craig Loehr-Dave Syverson Ford Graceland Cemetery

Jim & Dudes Plumbing & Heating


Shoff Chiropractic

MPeters Enterprises


Church Offset Printing Security Bank Minnesota Sons of the American Legion Nelson County Market
Embroider - 4 Seasons Advertising Hillcrest Cemetery Doors & Floors Motor Inn Co. ING Financial Partners-Arnold Mulso

Bayview Freeborn Funeral


American Legion Post 56 Auxiliary Nick's Inc.- Todd & Cheryl Enderson  

Post 447 VFW and Auxiliary meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month at the American Legion Post 56 Clubrooms @ 7:00pm. Come and join VFW Post 447. 


Veterans helping Veterans.


Note:  Content from this page is edited from American Legion Post 56 monthly newsletter bulletin.

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October 2014

Sunday  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
                                      1 2 3 4





 Bar Bingo 6 pm

Evening Menu 5-8 pm

Women Veterans

Meeting 11:30 am

  5 pm Pizza & Beer Special $15

Karaoke with Laurie

starting at 8 pm

Evening menu with

Specials 5-8 pm

11 am Lounge Open


5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Lounge Closed

7 pm

Free Texas Hold-em

5-7 pm Taco Night

Evening Menu 5-8 pm

Burger Night

with nightly menu

5-8 pm


Bar Bingo 6 pm

Evening Menu 5-8 pm

5 pm Pizza & Beer Special $15

Membership Dinner

5-7:30 pm

Karaoke with Laurie

starting at 8 pm

Evening menu with

Specials 5-8 pm

11 am Lounge Open




12   13 14 15 16 17 18

8 am -12:30 pm

Post Breakfast

Lounge Open

11:30 am



Legion Board

Meeting 7 pm

Free Texas Hold-em

5-7 pm Taco Night

Evening Menu 5-8 pm

Burger Night

with nightly menu

5-8 pm


Bar Bingo 6 pm

Evening Menu 5-8 pm


5 pm Pizza & Beer Special $15


Fish Fry 4:30-7 pm


Karaoke with Laurie

starting at 8 pm

Evening menu with

Specials 5-8 pm

11 am Lounge Open

Huckley Buck

19  20 21 22 23 24 25

Lounge Open

11:30 am



Post Meeting 7 pm

Free Texas Hold-em

5-7 pm Taco Night

Evening Menu 5-8 pm


Burger Night

with nightly menu

5-8 pm

Bar Bingo 6 pm

Evening Menu 5-8 pm



5 pm Pizza & Beer Special $15


Karaoke with Laurie

starting at 8 pm

5 pm

Evening menu with

Specials 5-8 pm


11 am Lounge Open



27 28 29 30 31  

 8 am -12:30 pm

Post Breakfast

Lounge Open

11:30 am


 Free Texas Hold-em

5-7 pm Taco Night

Evening Menu 5-8 pm


 Burger Night

with nightly menu

5-8 pm

  Bar Bingo 6 pm

Evening Menu 5-8 pm


 5 pm Pizza & Beer Special $15

    Karaoke with Laurie

starting at 8 pm

5 pm

Evening menu with

Specials 5-8 pm 



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